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Exposed cables
Issue: Exposed cables Safety tips​ What does it look like?​
It is unsafe to place/run electrical cables and extension cords on the floor or under carpets. Electrical cables are supposed to be out of reach of people or animals as constant contact with them will make them a fire threat and cause harm to people who might trip over them. If you have cables running on the ground, get your local qualified electrician who uses the correct tools to make sure all your electricity cords are secure and safe.

Running cables under carpets is also dangerous as you are not able to see if the cord is damaged. Should the cord be damaged, it could create a fire as carpets are made of materials which could easily catch fire.

  • Get your local qualified electrician to install a plug point closer to the appliance so there isn’t a need for an extension cord.
  • If you have a need for an extension cord before the electrician comes to install a plug point, don’t run it under carpets. Rather run the cabling over the carpet (and preferably along a wall) and secure it with tape to prevent tripping.
  • Keep cords away from hot stoves and other hot surfaces.