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Low-hanging cables
Issue: Low-hanging cables Safety tips​ What does it look like?​
Overhead power cables are normally suspended out of reach of people but when the poles collapse or fall over, the line can touch the ground or hang close to the ground, putting people and animals in danger. Sometimes cables hang low as a result of fire, wind, rain, lightning or even someone driving into the pole.  
Remember that although the pole has fallen over, it is very likely that the cables are still live so they must never be touched. Do not try to move the cable – rather avoid any cable when it is hanging low or touching the ground. These cables are dangerous and can shock or electrocute anyone that makes contact with them.
  • Never touch a low hanging cable or a pole that has fallen over.
  • Do not carry long objects such as pipes, ladders, and scaffolding under power lines. Do not use tipper trucks or cranes near powerlines.
  • Never touch a low hanging cable or a pole that has fallen over.
  • Warn others about these cables and report them to Eskom immediately on 08600 37566 (ESKOM).
  • Educate your children about this as well.
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