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Sub-standard wiring
​Issue: Sub-standard wiring Safety tips​ What does it look like?
Sub-standard wiring means wiring that is poor quality – making it unsafe for people and animals around it, especially when it is within reach. In many cases the insulation (material that prevents people from making contact with the electricity) is either not done or done poorly using incorrect materials, such as masking tape, which does not insulate properly and becomes brittle quickly. If a person or animal touches any exposed electrical wiring or cabling, they could suffer a serious or even fatal injury.
Substandard insulation can also cause wires running along metal roofs to make the entire roof, or the wires holding the roof or even the entire structure of the house, to become live, and hence poses a threat of injury or death to anyone who makes contact with the live structure.
Electrical wires can also become highly dangerous when they are run through doors and windows. The wires/cables will get damaged and expose anyone who touches the window or door to an electrical shock which could kill them. Also all three wires (live, neutral and earth) should be used at all times. 
  • Always get your local qualified electrician to do any electrical repairs, for example if your lights are not working while you have supply on your meter box.
  • Always check the state of your electrical cables. If they are damaged, cut or broken you must have them fixed by a trained electrician.
  • Never run any wires through doors and windows.
  • Don’t run extensions to other buildings.
  • Don’t connect a neighbour through your personal meter or electricity distribution board.