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Strategic value of the technology to SA
  • Socio Economic Benefits- The tower technology could be manufactured with a higher local content when compared to other CSP technologies, thus contributing to sustainable job creation through the establishment of local manufacturing capacity.

  • Grid Stability - Proven energy storage of the heat transfer medium forms an integral part of the plant. This means that CSP plants can generate electricity when the sun does not shine and provide power when it is most needed on the grid system, to support morning and evening peaks.

  • Large-scale Generation - CSP plants can be built in modular format in multi-MW units.  The plant can be replicated in parks of 100's of MW, with no fuel costs, and requiring land similar to that of conventional fossil plants with coal mines.

  • Low Environmental Impact - A significant benefit to CSP is that it has little environmental impact - a solar only plant has no emissions and occupies a similar portion of land compared to conventional fossil plants.