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Sere Wind Farm Project

​ ​The Sere Wind Farm Project is located close to the town of Koekenaap and falls within the Matzikama Municipality, in the Western Cape, South Africa.

The facility will contribute to Eskom’s on-going effort to ensure continuity of supply to its customers, and proactively engage in clean, sustainable electric power generation in the long term.

The project is premised on the need for diversifying Eskom’s energy mix and implementing technologies that will contribute to clean energy production.

The total generating capacity of the proposed wind energy facility will be 100MW, in accordance with its IRP allocation.


Technical specifications and figures


Operational data

Cut-in wind speed 3-4 m/s
Rated power at 11-12 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s
Type 3-bladed, horizontal axis
Position Upwind
Diameter 108 m
Swept area 9150 m²
Speed range 6-16 rpm
Rotors tilt 6 degrees
Type Cylindrical and/or tapered tubular
Hub height 115 m or site-specific
Corrosion protection Painted
Type Self-supporting
Quantum Blade Design length 53m


Major milestones achieved in 2014/15:

  1. Last WTG foundation cast – 11th June 2014
  2. Skaapvlei substation energised – 11th July 2014
  3. Last WTG components delivered to the Sere site – 7th August 2014
  4. First string of 7 WTG’s energised – 6th October 2014
  5. First power to the National Grid – 10th October 2014
  6. Last (46th) WTG erected – 20th October 2014
  7. Last string of 6 WTG’s energised – 30th December 2014


The View from the top of a Wind Turbine at Sere Wind Farm The new Skaapvlei substation
The Visitor's Centre ​The new workshop