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90 Year Celebrations

On 1 March 2013 Eskom turned ninety years old. Eskom's history is tied to the story of South Africa's economic rise. Through electricity provision, Eskom has powered, and continues to power, South Africa.

For detailed information and photos, please visit our Heritage web site.

The First Decade

1923 to 1933
Establishment and consolidation

The Second Decade

1933 to 1943
ESCOM rises to the challenge

The Third Decade

1943 to 1953
From difficulty to development

The Fourth Decade

1953 to 1963
ESCOM becomes South Africa's power house

The Fifth Decade

1963 to 1973
Giants in a world of power

The Sixth Decade

1973 to 1983
Growth, changes and challenges

The Seventh Decade

1983 to 1993
Building a better organisation

The Eighth Decade

1993 to 2003
Leading change

The Ninth Decade

2003 to 2013
Powering transformation