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The Fourth Decade

1954 - Wilge Power Station is commissioned to supply extra power needed to extract uranium from gold ore.

1955 - Salt River 2 is built on the site of the existing Salt River Power Station.

1955 - West Bank 2 is commissioned.

1956 - ESCOM completes construction of its first single-circuit 275kV parallel transmission lines, carrying the entire output of Highveld Power Station over a distance of 160km

1957 - Government appoints a commission of enquiry to look into the use of nuclear energy in South Africa.

Komati Power Station, commissioned in 1962


1958 - ESCOM moves its head office to the newly built ESCOM Centre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
1960 - ESCOM�s annual power sales reach 16 billion units

1960 - A large section of the northern Coalbrook coal mine collapses, burying 437 miners, causing extensive fires and affecting electricity supply from Taaibos and Highveld (Kragbron).