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Simama Ranta
 ​Since 1995, unemployment in South Africa has risen from 4.5% to a staggering 25% in 2010 and experts agree to address this challenge we need to grow small business, one w​​ay to do this is by developing a culture of entrepreneurship.

On a deeper level, it is crucial that entrepreneurship education is supported in order to ensure that the youth play a part in strengthening the country’s economy through entrepreneurship. The Eskom Development Foundation aims to encourage this through its Eskom Simama Ranta Entrepreneurship Education High School Competition.


“Simama Ranta” means empowering the South African economy through entrepreneurship education. The competition aims to identify, honour and showcase those South African secondary schools that are exemplars in entrepreneurship education. The competition encourages learners to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice, taking charge of their career path by becoming job creators rather than job seekers.


Simama Ranta is managed by Education With Enterprise Trust (EWET) – a non-profit organisation that has devoted their knowledge, skills and talent to enhance enterprise education in high schools over a number of years. They work in over 800 schools throughout South Africa, empowering educators to promote entrepreneurship and enhance teaching and learning in economic and management sciences.


The competition is judged by a diverse panel representing the Department of Basic Education, the private sector, as well as experts in entrepreneurship education.

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