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CDM calculations

Data Requirements for calculating the Carbon Emission Factor (CEF) for the South African grid

General Information

Other Information Required

Grid specific information and data:

  • Please refer to National Energy Regulator of South Africa ( ) for information and data on non-ESKOM electricity generation sources.

Default Values (IPCC)

  • Emission Factors (CO2):

    • Reference: Table 2.2 (page 16) in the following IPCC 2006 Guideline Document:

      (Table entitled: “Default emission factors for stationary combustion in the energy industries (kg of greenhouse gas per TJ on a Net Calorific Basis)”. (column entitled: “default emission factor”)

    • Other bituminous coal: 94,600 kg CO2/TJ

    • Diesel oil: 74,100 kg CO2/TJ

    • Jet kerosene: 71,500 kg CO2/TJ