Loadshedding will be suspended at 22:00 tonight. Eskom cautions that supply will remain severely constrained

Friday, 22 April 2022: Eskom expects to return to service nine generation units during the weekend. These are a unit at Hendrina and two generation units each at Arnot, Duvha, Majuba and Tutuka power stations. The low weekend demand will assist in replenishing emergency reserves. This, together with the reduced weekend demand, will enable Eskom to suspend loadshedding at 22:00 tonight.

Eskom would like to again caution that even with the return to service of these units, the power system remains severely constrained and volatile. During next week we anticipate to continue relying on the use of emergency reserves to meet demand.  

We currently have 5 353MW on planned maintenance, while another 14 912MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns.

Eskom would again like to apologise for the implementation of loadshedding and will continue to closely monitor the power system. Loadshedding is implemented only as a last resort to protect the national grid. We therefore request the public to continue using electricity sparingly to reduce the occurrence of loadshedding.

We will promptly inform the public should there be any significant developments.


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