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Stage 2 rotational loadshedding moves up to Stage 4 from 10:00 today until 23:00
Monday, 09 December 2019: Eskom has lost additional generation units this morning, increasing unplanned breakdowns (UCLF) to 14 200MW as at 09:25. Along with a higher demand of about 600MW, necessitates loadshedding to move up from Stage 2 to Stage 4 from 10:00 today until 23:00.
In addition, with the incessant rains we are beginning to experience flooding at some power stations, which have further led to load losses and has impacted supply as the rainy weather persists.
The loadshedding is intended, among other things, to cater for unplanned further trips and to create capacity to replenish water reserves for our pumped storage schemes. We continue to utilise diesel and water resources at our open cycle gas turbines and pumped storage schemes respectively, to supplement capacity.
We remind customers that loadshedding at Stage 4 is no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled. Loadshedding is a responsible act and highly controlled process, implemented to protect the country form a national blackout.
During Stage 4,
4000MW is rotationally loadshed nationally at a given period. Even during this stage, approximately 80% of the country’s demand is still being met.
We continue to ask customers to reduce demand as a concerted collective effort can help to avoid or lessen the level of loadshedding. As we are experiencing rainy and cooler weather conditions in some parts of the country, we ask that you use efficient heating to keep warm and switch off your geysers over peak periods. 
We will keep South Africans informed about the status of the electricity system and our recovery efforts throughout this period.
Eskom customers can check their loadshedding schedules on the Eskom website ( or through the customer contact centre on 0860037566.
We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience during this difficult period.