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Clarifying the Expression of Interest on Pebble Bed Modular Reactor
Friday, 31 January 2020: An Expression of Interest (EoI) EOI/ERI/2020/TGS/01 issued on 30 January on the development, manufacturing and construction of Small Modular Reactor and supply and TRISO coated particle fuel for various reactor designs, is intended to publicly solicit and to determine an interest from the market in the future takeover of the technology.
While various options were explored to commercialise PBMR in the past, Eskom now intends to dispose of the company, providing the market with unrestricted options to pursue.
As outlined in the EoI: "The company seeks to take PBMR out of care and maintenance and commercialise the business.
Companies interested in investing in PBMR reactor technology or fuel technology, securing an equity stake in PBMR, buying PBMR technology or embarking on other potential relationships or transactions, are invited to submit an Expression of Interest detailing proposals".
The EoI is therefore strictly market research to determine the nature of interest and to define the scope of the Request for Offer (RFO) /Request for Information (RFI) that would be issued as a next step in the process.
Interested parties can respond by 28 February 2020.
The Pebble Bed Modular Reactor SOC Ltd (PBMR®) has been in the care and maintenance since 2010. The company was re-incorporated into Eskom Enterprises SOC Ltd (EE), as sole shareholder, in April 2012.