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No loadshedding expected today
Monday, 27 January 2020: Eskom continues to manage a volatile power system but there is a low risk of loadshedding today. We begin the week with generation units breakdowns at 13 392 MW as at 07:30 this morning. Our forecast shows that the system is tighter than last week so we will use our emergency generators to supplement capacity while work to return units that were out of service for maintenance continues.
We have replenished our emergency reserves, viz. diesel and water, over the weekend. This will enable us to deploy open cycle gas turbines and pumped water storage schemes at short notice in case the need arises. We will give periodic updates on the status of the power system.
We request our customers to work with us by reducing their demand while we work on stabilising the power system. Switch off appliances that keep on using electricity while you are not at home:
  • Switch off all power buttons as standby mode can consume as much as 15% of full power
  • Switch off your stove and microwave at the wall
  • Switch off all unnecessary lights
  • Switch off  air-conditioners and fans
  • Switch off your geysers
  • Set your swimming pool pump cycle to run twice a day, three hours at a time outside peak hours