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List of tenders


Tender submission requirements during Lockdown when submitting Tender documents at Eskom Tender Offices
Please note that Suppliers need to have the necessary permits and documentation as regulated and legislated by Government for companies or their employees to travel and conduct business. If not, they will have to make use of Courier Services, that are operating during lockdown, to pick up and deliver tenders timeously to the Eskom Tender Office.
Please click on this link:  Eskom's Tender Bulletinsto access the available tenders.
In the new window, click on "General Search" on the navigation bar. 
If you wish to contact one of our buying offices, click on contacts on the new window
Please note:
The password for the "PRE-QUALIFIED ACCESS" link can only be awarded by Eskom buying offices if there is a tender that qualifies as such, and your business has been qualified. However, tenders can be viewed under "GENERAL SEARCH" if there are tenders available for web advertisement.
Suppliers can visit or contact any Eskom buying office countrywide.
Contact details can be viewed on the navigation bar in the new window.