Email Legal - Spam Disclaimer

Eskom Customer Service email and sms messages

Spam Notice

You have received an email or sms message from Eskom because you are a customer of Eskom and because you, or a person acting on your behalf, provided your email address / cellphone number to Eskom when an electricity supply agreement was entered into with you, or when you updated your contact details with Eskom. Your email address is therefore stored in our customer database.

From time to time Eskom creates ad hoc distribution lists from this database in order to communicate pro-actively with groups of customers on specific service issues affecting them. Eskom does not send out SPAM emails / sms designed to promote the unsolicited sale or demand of goods or services. There is no “mailing list” from which you can be unsubscribed and Eskom does not subscribe to, or make use of, external sources of email addresses.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the information that is provided via email /sms can be of great benefit to you, it is more certain to reach you and is likely to reach you faster than by sending the information using other channels.

However, should you no longer wish to receive any form of email / sms communication from Eskom please request that your email address / cellphone number be removed from our customer database. You can do this through one of the following channels:

  • Call 0860037566 (08600ESKOM)
  • SMS to MTN 083 647 1951 or Vodacom 082 941 3707 or CellC 084 655 5778 (It is essential that you please include your Eskom account number in the message)
  • Send an email, fax or write to the address printed on your Eskom bill (It is essential that you please include your Eskom account number in the message)

Please note that one of the conditions of registration for and use of our on-line customer service web site at is that you provide us with a valid email address.

Eskom encourages its customers to ensure that Eskom always has an up to date record of their email addresses / cellphone numbers, to facilitate electronic communication on service issues affecting them.