Eskom and the Mpumalanga Provincial Government sign MoA to enable the implementation of strategic initiatives

Tuesday, 24 May 2022: Eskom and the Mpumalanga Provincial Government (MPG) today signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to strengthen cooperation and to provide a framework that will enable the roll-out of identified initiatives determined through the Mpumalanga Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan (MERRP) and the Eskom Turnaround Plan. The MoA was signed on the sidelines of the Mpumalanga Energy Summit currently underway.

The purpose of the MoA is to foster collaboration on inclusive growth and socio-economic development for both Eskom and Mpumalanga, through the following scope of activities:

  • contribute meaningfully to the roll-out of Just Energy Transition (JET) initiatives This includes, among other things, repurposing and repowering of end-of-life power stations, socio-economic impact studies and accompanying mitigation activities, accelerated renewable energy development by public and private sector players, driving local manufacture and industrialisation, job creation and skills development.  
  • promote and develop circular economy initiatives, for example, activities related to Eskom ash and gypsum; agriculture and water saving;
  • provide support to the development of SMMEs and co-operatives in the relevant areas of the value chain of Eskom operations within our governance frameworks;
  • share information and knowledge, to deliver agreed initiatives on both the MERRP and Eskom Turnaround Plan;
  • facilitate efforts to minimise crime such as theft, vandalism, violent incidents, hostage situations, hijacking, violent protests, and disruption of critical key infrastructure -including the national key points providing essential services to the republic.

“Eskom is pleased to foster collaboration with the Mpumalanga Provincial Government. Our prior engagements have yielded commendable outcomes, the MoA signifying a strengthening of this relationship, particularly for the implementation of our plans in a more coordinated manner,” remarked Eskom Group Chief Executive, André de Ruyter.

“We believe that the MoA will enable Eskom to obtain the necessary and timeous technical, political, and security support that will strengthen and help stabilise Eskom operations in the province, as well as the timely roll-out of Eskom infrastructure delivery projects, thereby giving impetus to our collective efforts to achieve energy security for the country,” added De Ruyter.


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