Eskom Board finalises the appointment of Chairman of the Inquiry into the allegation against Group Chief Executive, André de Ruyter

Thursday, 1 April 2021: As previously communicated, the Eskom Board of Directors (Board) has resolved to initiate an independent inquiry in order to establish the veracity and the basis to the allegation of racism and abuse of power that has been levelled against Group Chief Executive (GCE), André de Ruyter, by the Chief Procurement Officer, Solly Tshitangano.  The Board has committed to a transparent process and to provide updates at critical stages of the inquiry.
The Board has requested Advocate Ishmael Semenya SC, which request he has accepted, to conduct the independent inquiry, and, upon completion, to issue written findings and recommendations as soon as reasonably possible. Adv. Semenya has also been requested to make recommendations to be pursued by the Board against any specific individuals if any wrongdoing is found.
Adv. Semenya is free to request and to receive Eskom documents, and to consult with any witnesses deemed relevant and necessary for the purposes of this inquiry. The Board requests that Adv. Semenya be given space to conduct the investigation unhindered, to enable him to complete the inquiry and issue his report at his earliest possible convenience.

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