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Eskom reminds customers of their obligation to grant its employees access to their property for meter reading purposes

Monday, 27 September 2021: Eskom has noted with concern, an increase in the number of customers refusing Eskom and/or Eskom-appointed contractors access to their properties. This results in customers being billed on estimates instead of actual readings. Long-estimated customer accounts contribute to poor estimation performance, which results in under- or over-billing of customers.
Eskom would like to remind customers that in terms of the provisions of section 23 of the Electricity Regulation Act, No. 4 of 2006, Eskom has powers of entry and inspection in relation to any premises to which electricity is or has been supplied by it. Section 23 of the abovementioned Act authorises Eskom to enter such premises, at all reasonable times, in order to inspect the lines, meters, fittings, works and apparatus of Eskom; to ascertain the quantity of electricity consumed or to remove any lines, meters, fittings, works and apparatus belonging to it, where supply is no longer required or may be cut off.
Failure to grant Eskom access to the property for the purpose of meter reading or any other authorised work, may result in your supply being disconnected and penalties being charged. These penalties will vary from (but not limited to) additional charges for having to execute special meter readings and adjustments to accounts to offset any inaccuracy in billing.
Monde Bala, Eskom’s Group Executive for the Distribution Division explains, “We are appealing to all our customers to work with us, by granting our meter readers access to their properties. For the safety of our employees and our customers, Eskom personnel will at all times carry authorised identification and all COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. We undertake to treat the properties of customers with respect.”
Eskom’s aim is to ensure accurate accounts for all customers. To also improve the billing experience, customers are encouraged to use the MyEskom customer app and CS-Online to submit their own meter readings within the window period stipulated on their Eskom invoice. Customers should only access their meter kiosks if it safe to do so when submitting their own readings.
The MyEskom app and the online portal also enables customers to check their balance and report a power failure in a few easy clicks.

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