Eskom requests the public to reduce electricity usage as the power system is severely constrained, with a high probability of loadshedding

Sunday, 30 May 2021: Eskom would like to appeal to the public to reduce the usage of electricity as the power system is under severe strain as the shortage of generation capacity still persists. The supply constraints are caused by high breakdowns in generation units and high winter demand.
While no loadshedding is anticipated at this point, Eskom could be forced to implement Stage 1 or, if necessary, Stage 2 loadshedding at short notice should any further breakdowns occur. This is most likely to occur between 17:00 and 22:00 in the evening.
Breakdowns currently total 14 756MW of capacity, while another 3 330MW is unavailable due to planned maintenance. Eskom teams are working tirelessly to return more generators to service.
Eskom will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the system.

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