Eskom upgrades its telephony system

Thursday, 04 November 2021: Eskom has been researching various digital communication tools to best enable customers to communicate with the Eskom business. The most recent addition is a telephony system upgrade at Eskom’s national contact centre. This is part of an ongoing effort to update and make available easy, quick and hassle free self-service channels of communication.

Eskom’s journey of digitisation has, in recent months, seen the successful launch of the Alfred Chatbot and the enhancement of the now widely-used MyEskom customer app. Eskom is now launching the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), a new self-service embedded tool in the telephony system that customers can use for seamless and faster query reporting and resolution thereof. 

The first phase of the upgrade of the new modern telephony system gives customers access to various self-service options. This requires customers to provide either an account, meter or ID number. Customers will be able to log an interruption of power supply fault, be issued with a system-generated reference number and milestone feedback on the fault when checking its progress. Customers will also be able to do all this without having to speak to an agent. This is indeed an exciting service that will save time and improve customers’ interaction and experience with Eskom

Eskom would like to remind customers that the other existing self-service digital channels are still available for use, namely the Alfred Chatbot, the CS online portal and the MyEskom customer app.


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