Eskom’s response to media reports on allegations of sabotage by an executive

Monday, 05 June 2023: The news article entitled High-ranking Eskom exec linked to sabotage at power stations published by the City Press yesterday, 04 June 2023, stating that an Eskom executive is reportedly implicated in sabotage incidents at Eskom refers. Eskom was never approached by City Press to comment on any of its executives allegedly implicated in sabotage incidents. However, we can confirm that City Press did approach Eskom on some allegations related to the awarding of a security contract, the involvement of an executive with a fuel supplier and on the statement made by the Minister of Police during his appearance at the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa).

Eskom responded to questions from the City Press in writing on 20 May 2023 to the best of its ability and knowledge. We, however, noted that City Press used Eskom’s response of 20 May 2023 as a comment to the alleged sabotage. It would have been prudent for City Press to seek a comment from Eskom on the allegations they published yesterday. We would like to confirm that Eskom is amenable to respond to any questions on these serious allegations.

Eskom takes these sabotage allegations seriously and will allow the law to take its course.

Eskom is committed to rooting out fraud, corruption and sabotage within its ranks and will fully cooperate with law enforcement to ensure the most effective and coordinated responses to any crime related to Eskom’s operations.


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