Image of Komati power station

Loadshedding will be reduced to Stage 1 from 21:00 tonight until 05:00 on Monday as good progress has been achieved in recovering generation capacity

Friday, 04 February 2022: Following an improvement in the generation capacity, together with the traditionally reduced weekend demand, loadshedding will be reduced to Stage 1 from 21:00 tonight and will remain at that level until 05:00 on Monday. While there has been an improvement in the generation capacity, and a significant recovery in the emergency generation reserves, caution is still called for as this is not sufficient to suspend loadshedding at this point. Eskom will continue to evaluate the system and make the necessary adjustments as soon as conditions allow.

Since yesterday evening, a generating unit at the Kusile Power Station was returned to service while a unit at the Hendrina Power Station was shut down to repair a boiler tube leak. A unit each Duvha, Kriel and Hendrina power stations were taken offline for planned maintenance.

Total breakdowns amount to 13 277MW while planned maintenance is 6 728MW of capacity as we continue with the reliability maintenance.

Eskom appeals to all South Africans to help limit the impact of loadshedding by reducing the usage of electricity and to switch off non-essential items.

We will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the power system.


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