Mini-substation shortages delay infrastructure replacement in Gauteng

Wednesday, 1 September 2021: Eskom in Gauteng is experiencing challenges with limited stock levels of mini-substations resulting in the delay of replacing this critical equipment. The electricity utility has in the recent months, recorded an exponentially high number of failed mini-substations due to the network overloading as a result of illegal connections, meter bypasses and tampering, unauthorised operations on the electricity network, vandalism and theft of electrical equipment.
Although Eskom has relatively stable levels of critical material in stock, it remains faced with high demands for equipment that requires repairs or replacement, making it difficult to meet the demand. The national lockdown has also affected the production of the much-needed electrical equipment, which in turn distressed the entire industry.
“We are working closely with the manufacturers for a faster turnaround time so that we ensure that equipment is replaced and that supply is restored to our paying customers,  those we audited and have subsequently paid their fines, as well as customers converted to the split prepaid metering system. We urge our communities to partner with Eskom and law enforcement agencies in the fight against illegal activities which lead to our network overloading.  The illegal activities that have resulted in the extended outages are an inconvenience to paying customers, particularly since the network is shared by multiple customers,” says Mashangu Xivambu, the Senior Manager for Maintenance and Operations in Gauteng.
Eskom remains committed to continuously maintaining its electricity infrastructure to improve its service offering to its customers. 

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