NERSA misrepresents Eskom’s Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD 5) application for the 2023 Financial Year

Wednesday, 08 December 2021: The National Energy Regulator of South Africa has published Eskom’s fifth Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD 5) revenue application for the 2023 – 2025 financial years. However, NERSA has misrepresented Eskom’s revenue application to include various matters that are still under consideration by both the courts and by NERSA itself.

Eskom Chief Financial Officer, Calib Cassim, has confirmed that Eskom has applied for an electricity price increase of 20.5% for Financial Year 2023, which commences on 01 April 2022. The details of Eskom’s MYPD 5 application will be available on Eskom’s website. A summary thereof is attached.

The recent High Court judgement requires NERSA to process this MYPD 5 revenue application for the Financial Year 2023. The remaining two years’ application is still the subject of a court review application. This is referred to as the Part B of the review application.


Full documentation available here

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