Truck drivers apprehended for theft of coal

Friday, 11 November 2022: Two truck drivers contracted to Eskom were arrested at Kendal Power Station on Wednesday night, after they were found in possession of stolen coal. The drivers were placed under arrest and a criminal case of theft of coal was registered with the Ogies South African Police Service under case number CAS 27/11/2022.

The trucks belonging to an ash transporting company contracted to Eskom were exiting the power station coal gate when they were stopped by security personnel conducting vehicle inspections. Both truck drivers resisted the searches and maintained that the trucks were empty. With the persistence of a diligent security team the trucks were searched, and the stolen coal was found in the trailers.  

“Coal theft is a highly organised criminal activity and syndicates involved are being enriched through the proceeds derived from the trade in stolen coal. Eskom continues to lose billions of rands due to the misappropriation of coal and similar commodities, which directly affects production,” said Advocate Karen Pillay, General Manager for Security at Eskom.

“There are several illicit coal stockyards and dump sites in the province that are recipients of the stolen coal. Eskom will ensure that the perpetrators face the full might of the law,” said Advocate Pillay. 

These arrests are the result of persistent and excellent work by the Eskom Security Team, in partnership with the South African Police Service, who are working tirelessly to identify and disrupt the criminal networks.

Eskom urges the public to report information regarding theft of coal, fuel oil and diesel and all other criminal activities to the Eskom Crime Line: 0800 11 27 22.


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