Eskom is proud to announce the launch of its crowdsourcing digital platform – a future-fit invitation to electricity industry experts to support Eskom’s turnaround

Tuesday, 8 November 2022: Over the past few months, Eskom has received an overwhelming response to its call for highly skilled power generation personnel to come forward to assist in the operational recovery and rebuilding of skills inside the organisation. A digital platform and governance mechanism have been designed and implemented to reap the full benefits of the diversity of skills across the country through the crowdsourcing of these skills into the business. Crowdsourcing differs from recruitment in that it is triggered by specific technical challenges, is not linked to a permanent position, and it targets a talent pool that consists of highly skilled and experienced persons.

The crowdsourcing digital platform developed by Eskom, was launched today and is accessible from any mobile device via the Eskom website at The platform aims to simplify the crowdsourcing process by enabling highly skilled and experienced persons to submit their details directly to the crowdsourcing database.

To date, the database includes 238 individuals, of which 153 have been shortlisted as potentially active, skilled, and willing candidates. Approximately 25 individuals have been selected for the first phase of the crowdsourcing intake. These individuals will commence work between November and December 2022. Additional recruitment will take place as and when required by the business, to meet specific technical needs. To ensure sustainability and to maximise the impact of these skills, each crowdsourced individual is required to transfer skills to the permanent Eskom team that they will work with.

You are encouraged to access the platform and submit your details for consideration if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are a highly skilled electricity generation expert or technical professional (e.g. engineer, power plant operator/controller, artisan, technician)
  2. You have more than 10 years of related experience
  3. You are able and willing to support Eskom
  4. You are willing to transfer your skills and expertise

Eskom looks forward to collaborating with South Africans to address the current electricity supply challenges facing the country.

To submit your details, visit:

For queries, please contact the crowdsourcing team at email: [email protected].


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