Eskom appoints Calib Cassim as Interim Group Chief Executive with immediate effect

Friday, 24 February 2023: Eskom is pleased to announce the appointment of Calib Cassim as Interim Group Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect. Mr Cassim will lead the Eskom management team until further notice.

Mr Cassim was appointed as Eskom’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in November 2018 after serving as Acting CFO from July 2017.

He is a registered Chartered Accountant (SA) and holds a master’s degree in Business Leadership (MBL). With over 20 years of service in Eskom, his qualifications and extensive experience have provided Mr Cassim with a deep understanding and appreciation of the Eskom business and the electricity industry, especially regarding the challenges facing the financing of operations and future expansion of the industry.

Eskom thanks his family for permitting him to assume the additional responsibilities and is grateful to Mr Cassim for stepping up to GCE role.


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