Loadshedding remains suspended due to sustained improvement in Generation performance

Sunday, 12 May 2024: The notable and consistent improvements in generation performance have enabled the continued suspension of loadshedding, which has not been implemented for 46 days.

The suspension of loadshedding is primarily due to the continued, sustained improvement in generation performance, owing to extensive planned maintenance during the summer period and the implementation of the Generation Operational Recovery Plan, which commenced in March 2023.

The concerted efforts to address unplanned outages, also known as the Unplanned Capacity Loss Factor (UCLF), have resulted in a further reduction in the UCLF from 11 036MW to 10 474MW week-on-week. This is proof that our generation fleet is gradually becoming more reliable. This commendable performance is better than the winter forecast for this year, which anticipated unplanned outages to range from 14 000MW to 15 500MW.

The planned maintenance of 3 378MW is consistent with the amount of maintenance performed in winter in previous years.

There has been no increased usage in the Open-Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGTs) again this week.

Eskom Power Station General Managers and their teams are working diligently to ensure the recovery of additional generating capacity by bringing units from unplanned outages and planned maintenance back into service as soon as possible. A total of 1 520MW of generating capacity is planned to be returned to service by Monday.

Eskom’s evening peak demand tonight is 26 220MW.

As May is the energy-saving month, Eskom expresses gratitude to those who heed the call to use electricity sparingly and efficiently. This includes switching off geysers and pool pumps from 17:00 to 21:00, which lowers demand and helps alleviate pressure on the power system, contributing to lower stages of loadshedding.

Eskom will provide an update next Sunday or promptly communicate any significant changes as soon as they occur.


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