Image of Koeberg nuclear power station

Loadshedding will be reduced to Stage 2 from 12:00 today, and will be suspended at 05:00 on Friday as generating capacity sufficiently recovers

Thursday, 11 November 2021: Eskom is pleased to announce that loadshedding will be reduced to Stage 2 starting at 12:00 today, and will then be suspended at 05:00 on Friday. This has been made possible by the return to service of many of the units that had suffered breakdowns over the past two weeks, and a sufficient recovery in emergency generation reserves. The improved demand response for different stages of loadshedding has also enabled a faster than anticipated recovery.  

Total breakdowns have reduced to 11 224MW while planned maintenance is 7 030MW of capacity as we continue with the reliability maintenance.

Eskom thanks all our customers for their patience and assistance during this period of loadshedding. We appeal to all South Africans to continue using electricity sparingly and to switch off non-essential items. Taken together, these small cumulative savings result in large savings in electricity capacity and reduce the probability of loadshedding.  

Eskom will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the power system.


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