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Winning With People … Insights for Leaders and Organisations











Amongst the greatest challenges in South Africa and Africa as a region is the need to identify, grow, lead and harness local talent and skills. This applies to the private sector, government, SOCs and all other forms of institution and is necessary for African organisations to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy and to enable Africans to benefit from the enormous opportunities for growth on the continent.
This book provides guidance to leaders in all spheres of economic activity to develop human capital strategies and apply practices that will assist them to compete more effectively in a modern, fast changing world.
The chapters each provide a perspective into key issues associated with organisational and individual effectiveness. Most chapters offer a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the topic concerned as well as practical ways in which leaders can improve their people practices.
The book is certainly not meant to be read only by Human Resources professionals. Whilst they will undoubtedly gain useful insights into latest thinking in their profession, it is particularly aimed at leaders at all levels in all types of organisation. While HR will often provide support and systems, experience has shown unequivocally that the most successful organisations place a huge emphasis on leadership and that leadership is one of the most important differentiators of organisational success.
It is this belief that effective leadership of talented and skilled people is essential to effective organisational performance that resulted in the title of the book – Winning with People … Insights for Leaders and Organisations.
All the contributors are academic thought leaders in their fields as well as extensive experience in the execution of sound leadership and talent practices.
Description       Full colour softcover book​
ISBN No. ​978-0-9921781-5-4     
Pages 462    
Weight ​1 kg
Dimension 242 mm x 167 mm x 23 mm

​Cost in South African Rands: 300 (Including VAT)


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