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Meter tampering
Issue: Meter tampering Safety tips​ What does it look like?​
An electricity meter is used to measure the amount of electricity supplied to a residential or commercial building. Meter tampering or bypassing is when you make the meter to either stop functioning, under-register or even stop registering how much electricity your house/building consumes. This is usually done by people to avoid paying for the electricity that they use. This is theft and is very dangerous because the risk of injury or even death by electrocution while doing it is high, as tamperers do not apply the same safety measures that Eskom does. Once a meter is bypassed it immediately stops operating normally, meaning that if there is an electrical fault inside your premises it will not be picked up and the electricity supply will stay on without tripping. This is a serious safety hazard to people and animals in the building, and can result in electrocution or fire.
  • Never tamper with any Eskom equipment as only authorised Eskom personnel may do so.
  • If you see/know of any instances of meter tampering, report them to Eskom immediately on 08600 37566 (ESKOM).
  • Educate your children about this as well