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Transformer oil theft
Issue: Transformer oil theft Safety tips ​What does it look like?
People often steal oil from transformers at substations or on the network, which they use to fuel cars or other equipment. Some people even use this transformer oil for cooking, which is a serious health risk as it is a fuel oil and not a cooking oil.  They break open the transformer – which is an act of vandalism – before using a tool such as a hosepipe to draw the oil. This is illegal and will get you into trouble when you are caught. It also damages the equipment because when the oil is drained from the transformer, it will break down as it cannot function without the oil. Because of this, the area which the sub-station supplies electricity to, will be without power. This also results in a risk of electrocution to the person performing the theft and to passers-by, since live electrical equipment is now exposed.
  • Stay away from sub-stations and report any vandalism that you may know of to Eskom immediately on 08600 35766 (ESKOM).
  • Educate your children about this as well.