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Eskom's current CSP work

Although Parabolic Trough technology is currently considered the most mature when compared to other CSP technologies, the Central Receiver technology is better suited to a large utility like Eskom. The Eskom plant will be larger than the demonstration units constructed to date, necessitating the redesign and scale-up of components, use of alternative materials and modification of operating procedures.  In order to mitigate the technical risk associated with the technology, Eskom's project has looked at risk mitigation efforts linked to critical plant components.  The critical component study was completed in November 2007 with all risks identified and mitigation measures formulated.  In addition, Eskom will appoint an Owner's Engineer to assist with basic plant designs, and Eskom will procure the plant through an EPC (Engineer, Procure, and Construct) basis.  A two stage bidding process, in accordance with World Bank procurement guidelines, will be utilised in finalising the plant designs and specifications, and performance guarantees will be sought from suppliers prior to contract placement. 

Eskom will appoint an Owners Engineer to assist with basic designs and the Business Case.  Construction is expected to commence in 2014, with envisaged construction completion in the middle of 2016.