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The Seventh Decade

1984 - Koeberg Power Station begins commercial service.

1985 - New Chairman, Dr John Maree is appointed. Seven priorities are defined in a meeting of ESCOM's top 30 managers.  The cut-off of foreign loans to South Africa causes ESCOM to scale down expansion plans.  Colenso Power Station is the first of many to be taken out of service.

1987 - Despite the fact that thereis surpluss capacity, a decision is made to commence construction of Majuba Power Station.

1987 - Sa's power utility changes its name to Eskom.  Wage parity between whiteand black workers is established and gender discrimination is eliminated.

1991 - Eskom's future is discussed in a workshop between Eskom, the ANC and non-governmental organisations.

1992 - Eskom becomes the direct supplier of electricity to Soweto, gaining 125 000 new direct customers in that process.

Eskom signs a unique agreement with ten trade unions, the Unfolding Vision Agreement.

First National Electrification Conference is held.

A newly connected customer switches on. Readyboards consisting of two or three plug sockets, a light and an earth-leakage relay, made it possible to have electricity in homes in informal settlements