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The Eighth Decade

1994 - The National Electricity Regulator is established by South Africa's first democratically elected government. Eskom defines a ten-point commitment to RDP objectives.

1995 - The National Energy Regulator becomes as independent body.  Wilge, Salt River 2, Ingagane, Taaibos and Highveld power stations are decommissioned.  Eskom publishes its first Environmental Report.

The electrification programme defined the decade

1996 - South Africa's economy continues its post-1994 expansion, with a high-point of 7.6% GDP growth in June.  Majuba Power Station begins commercial service.

1997 - Mr Reuel Khoza is appointed as Chairman.  Eskommakes a submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

1998 - The Eskom Development Foundation is established.

1999 - The first unit of Arnot is returned to active service.

2000 - Mr Thulani Gcabashe is appointed as Chief Executive.

2001 - Eskom is named Global Power Company of the Year. A record peak demand of 30 599 MW is recorded on 24 July.

2002 - South Africa and Eskom co-host the World Summit on Sustainable development.  Eskom is restructured as a public company,  Eskom Holdings Limited.

A trainee at Eskom College, known today as the Eskom Academy of Learning