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Eskom Enterprises
Eskom Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eskom Holdings, represents the investment arm of South Africa’s Eskom Holdings, and is tasked with providing high quality, mission critical services to Eskom in particular and the electricity industry as a whole. In support of Eskom’s Africa strategy, Eskom Enterprises aims to grow Africa’s energy industry and so doing improve the quality of life in South Africa, SADC and the rest of the continent.
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Our products

Eskom Enterprises comprises a collection of sustainable non-regulated businesses. Through the combined power services expertise of these entities, Eskom Enterprises has a key presence in Africa, with the ability to assist clients in the maintenance and repair of generation and transmission equipment, LV, MV and HV construction, cable fault finding and repair, project management, plant walk downs, logistics management, tower and line design, electrification, as well as coal and ash management.

Our business

In addition to the South Dunes Coal Terminal and Golang Coal companies in Richards Bay harbour in South Africa, other enterprises include:
Eskom Rotek Industries
Eskom Rotek Industries, the largest of the enterprises in the Eskom Enterprises stable, was established to construct, maintain and transport equipment to support Eskom to meet and exceed South Africa’s electricity needs.
Eskom Uganda Limited
Eskom Uganda Limited prides itself on its expertise in electricity generation concession management in Uganda where it has been operating for the past 13 years. Experienced in hydro power generation and backed by the expertise of Eskom Enterprises, this concession is poised for growth – supporting Uganda’s vision to give 80% of the population access to electricity by 2040.
Trans African projects
Trans African Projects (TAP) specialises in effective design solutions for transmission and distribution projects with a footprint in mainly Africa, but reaching as far as the Middle East and China. Expertise focuses on substation design, renewable energy solutions, network studies, consulting engineering and project management. TAP has the unique ability to design ‘fit-forpurpose’ line solutions, making their line optimisation product well sought after.