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Guide to requesting information from Eskom


Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act 2,2000)
(Government Website)
PAIA Manual
(Published 1 July 2021)
Tel: +27 11 655 2130       Fax: 0866679952
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Request Form                 Print
Internal Appeal Form     
Please open the form(s) and save them to your PC, complete the form(s) and send it back to


Please refer to the following items prior to submitting a request to Eskom:

  • Request must relate to information about Eskom or deemed to be held by Eskom.
  • Review the Eskom web site prior to submitting a request, as there is a considerable amount of information
    available on Eskom's web site and its different links which may satisfy your requirement.
  • Please note that this information portal does not cater for/or entertain the following requests:
    • sponsorships,
    • donations (including equipment),
    • funding,
    • recruitment,
    • advertisements about any product or service, etc.

This is in line with the Act.

It is important that the "request form" be completed, should you wish to obtain information. This is the only way
Eskom will be able to track a request and acknowledge receipt.