The South African Wholesale Market Code

The development of the Market Code is an integral part of the new Electricity supply industry. These rules will inevitably shape South Africa’s Future. Therefore, be apart of this development and shape your future

  • The Market Code provides for the purchase and sale of electrical energy by participating generators, retailers and traders as well as the physical delivery and consumption of electricity on a short term basis, within a framework of medium and long term security of supply.
  • It also sets out the trading and settlement rules and procedures for participation in the competitive electricity market of South Africa including the required supporting functions and regulations.
  • It is a condition of the expected Market Operator Licence (once the ERA amendment bill is passed) that the Market Operator shall enter into and at all times administer and maintain a Market Code and rules which:
  1. set out the terms of the trading and settlement arrangements for the sale and purchase of wholesale electricity in the South African Wholesale Electricity Market (SAWEM);
  2. contain modification procedures which provide that any major modifications to the Market Code must be subject to a transparent governance process that afford participants and stakeholders an opportunity to propose changes to the Code.


The Market Operator invites you to a public forum to launch the South African Wholesale Market Code


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