Eskom honours two professors in the Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation Industry   

Wednesday, 27 July, 2022: Eskom has honoured Professor Sehliso (Selo) Ndlovu and Professor Wellington Didibhuku Thwala at the annual National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) South32 awards event, themed “ Basic Science for Sustainable Development” in Johannesburg on the 21st of July 2022.

Left : Dr Titus Mathe, Eskom’s General Manager for Research, Testing & Development. Middle: Professor Sehliso (Selo) Ndlovu receiving her award. Right: Mr. Buti Manamela, Deputy minister of higher education, Science and Innovation.
Left : Dr Titus Mathe, Eskom’s General Manager for Research, Testing & Development. Middle: Professor Wellington Didibhuku Thwala receiving his award. Right: Mr. Buti Manamela, Deputy minister of higher education, Science and Innovation.

The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) is a non-profit organisation that aims to positively impact society and improve people’s lives through the promotion of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) and innovation in South Africa.  

According to Professor Ndlovu, who specializes in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Chair of Hydrometallurgy Sustainable Development at the University of Witwatersrand, metals are the backbone of societies and are essential to the growth of modern economies.  This is why she was passionate to become a dedicated hydrometallurgical engineer focusing on ensuring a sustainable future supply of metals by developing processes and building capacity and skills that can drive and contribute to the extractive metallurgical industry. “I have established a well-recognised teaching and research programme about the extraction of metals from metallic waste and mining and mineral processing tailings,” she added.

Professor Thwala specializes in construction project management and leadership, and sustainable construction management and leadership in the built environment at the University of Johannesburg.  Eskom applauded  him for his research into and development of sustainable construction methods and practices. “I confront and research the problems related to the containment and prevention of designs errors and improving the performance in infrastructure projects to minimize project cost overruns,” Thwala says.  ”I have achieved a significant contribution to capacity development in the field of construction project management and leadership.” Thwala said.

According to Eskom’s General Manager for Research, Testing & Development, Dr Titus Mathe, Eskom is proud to be associated with the NSTF, scientists, engineers, innovators, researchers and those in technology such as professors Ndlovu and Thwala.  Says Dr Mathe: “We are gaining access to enormous new insights, thought leadership, solutions, philosophies and skills in science, engineering, technology and innovation.” 

“We are singling out these two professors who share our vision and work with us to eradicate some of the social and economic ills faced our the country.  As a department responsible for research, testing, development and innovation within the utility, we have research, select and develop ‘next horizon’ technologies that support Eskom’s future strategic and operational objectives, provide specialized technical testing and inspection services to the business and offer technical consulting services,”’ said Dr Mathe.  ‘”Our partnership with the NSTF underlines our vision of creating a world-class research and innovation facility for Eskom, staffed with internationally respected researchers, verified by international benchmarking and peer review, ,”’ Dr Mathe concluded.

Cecil Ramonotsi, Chief Executive Officer of the Eskom Development Foundation  said that the awards received by Professor Ndlovu and Professor Thwala  aim to promote and reshape engineering and capacity development in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) and innovation.  “As a trusted  engineering company, it is our mandate to recognise and enable role players in maths, science, engineering, technology, and innovation. This industry is the country’s life blood, DNA , backbone and driver of any successful economy,” Ramonotsi said.

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