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No load shedding for the past 136 days
Friday, 29 January 2016: No load shedding is anticipated today as Eskom intends to meet the country’s electricity demands while performing the requisite maintenance on its power generating plants.
Eskom expects the system to remain stable throughout the rest of the summer period following a rigorous program of planned maintenance without implementing load shedding.
The outage plan for the 2015/16 financial year made provision for the execution of 10.5% planned maintenance (4 624 MW). Eskom is projecting to achieve 13% planned maintenance (5 725 MW) by the end of the current financial year. This reflects an increase of 2.5% (1 101 MW) over and above the initial planned maintenance scheduled for the current financial year.
Despite the increase in maintenance being performed on the plant Eskom has been able to avoid load shedding for the past 136 days. 
We will continue to provide regular updates on the state of the power system through various media platforms.