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Masibambisane: Working together for cleaner air

Air Quality Offsets Programme

Eskom is pursuing a multi-pronged approach to improving ambient air quality, including reducing emissions at the existing coal-fired fleet, investing in power generation from renewables and nuclear, and implementing air quality offsets. Retrofitting abatement technology and diversifying the energy mix are extremely costly and take a long time to implement.
The Air Quality Officers in the affected district municipalities have directed Eskom (through Atmospheric Emissions Licences issued to its power stations) to implement air quality offsets in communities affected by Eskom operations. Air quality offsets address emissions sources directly within vulnerable communities, targeting greater improvement in community-experienced air quality than is achievable from other approaches. In addition, such offsets are more cost effective and result in meaningful improvement of air quality within a shorter time frame.
Eskom has initiated an Air Quality Offset (AQO) Programme. The aim of the programme is to identify and test possible air quality offset interventions and to implement the most feasible interventions. To give effect to the programme, Eskom has developed Air Quality Offset Implementation Plans (3 of) four power stations in Nkangala, Gert Sibande and Fezile Dabi District Municipalities.