Normative reference documents

Reference Number Description
1 07092-A: Design Report – SGR System Design
2 07147DPDRR0012: CSB for Fuel Storage Casks
3 2010-D0001: Koeberg the Spent Fuel Storage Project Phase 3 Establishment of a Transient Interim Storage Facility at Koeberg Licensing Strategy
4 235-54: Radiological Protection Licensing Requirements for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (Correct document is 238-54)
5 238-101: Quality and Safety Management Requirements for Nuclear Supplier Level 1
6 238-102: Quality and Safety Management Requirements for Nuclear Supplier Level 2
7 238-19: Generation Division Radiation Protection Manual
8 238-219: Level 1 Supplier Safety Culture Enhancement Programme (SCEP) Requirements
9 238-28: Nuclear Safety Management Programme
10 238-34: Optimisation of Radiation Protection
11 238-35: Radiation Protection Dose and Risk Limits
12 238-36: Operational Radiation Protection Requirement
13 238-38: Radiation Protection Requirements for Baggage Inspection X-Ray Devices
14 238-39: Requirements for Safe Use of Industrial Gauges Containing Radioactive Sources
15 238-40: Radiation Protection Requirements for Industrial Radiography
16 238-42: Radiation Dosimetry Requirements
17 238-43: Requirements for Radiation Workers
18 238-44: Requirements for Radiological Surveillance Instrumentation
19 238-46: Requirements for the Safety, Security and Control of Radioactive Sources
20 238-47: Environmental Surveillance Requirements
21 238-48: Thermoluminescence Dosimetry Requirements
22 238-49: Liquid and Gaseous Effluent Management Requirements for KNPS
23 238-51: Spent Fuel Management Strategy (The correct strategy document is 240-131416264)
24 238-52: Emergency Planning Meteorological Requirements for Nuclear Installations
25 238-53: Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements for Nuclear Installations
26 238-54: Radiation Protection Licensing Requirements for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
27 238-6: Standard for Nuclear Documentation and Records Management Requirements
28 238-8: Nuclear Safety and Quality Management Manual
29 240-100984199: Koeberg Long-Term Operating (LTO) Methodology
30 240-101650256: Koeberg Ageing Management Matrix
31 240-106374672: SE 35244: Koeberg Pre-SALTO Self-Assessment Report
32 240-108035478: The Eskom Nuclear Objectives
33 240-109728634: Environmental Qualification of Mechanical Equipment
34 240-110745414: Standard for the In-Service Inspection Programme at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
35 240-113228853: Koeberg Solid Radioactive Waste Management Plans
36 240-119362012: Fourth Interval In-Service Inspection Programme Requirements Manual (ISIPRM) for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
37 240-119744497: Control of the Safety Analysis Report (KAA-697)
38 240-123782330: NOU Workforce Plan
39 240-125122792: Koeberg Safety Aspects of Long-Term Operation (SALTO) Ageing Management Evaluation Process and Revalidation of the Time-Limited Ageing Analyses
40 240-125839632: Koeberg Long-Term Operating (LTO) Scoping Methodology
41 240-130611911: Environmental Qualification Requirements for Safety-related Equipment Located in Mild Environments
42 240-131691121: Internal and External Communications Procedure
43 240-132364298: Initial List of Time-Limited Ageing Analyses for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
44 240-134382460: PSR Basis Document (3rd Periodic Safety Review for Koeberg Power Station)
45 240-139089079: Programmes Oversight Committee – Terms of Reference
46 240-143370657: SRSM Change Process
47 240-143604773: Safety Screening and Evaluation Process (KAA-709)
48 240-143890978: Design Template
49 240-146686589: Nuclear Engineering Knowledge Management Standard
50 240-148905483: Groundwater Protection Programme Requirements Manual
Reference Number Description
51 240-149081050: Control of The Operating Technical Specification
52 240-149139512: Ageing Management Requirements for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
53 240-150483693: Ageing Management Programmes List
54 240-155036632: Radioactive Waste Management Plan – KNPS Steam Generator Disposal
55 240-155832775: Equipment Qualification Master List (EQML) for Harsh Environment
56 240-156938857: Human Resources Position Strategy for Long-Term Operation
57 240-156945472: SALTO Ageing Management Assessment Report (Interim)
58 240-157754316: Structure and Content of the Safety Case
59 240-158601129: Eskom Koeberg Nuclear Safety Culture Report
60 240-160476801, Feasibility Study for Hydrazine Reduction at KNPS
61 240-160677773: Koeberg Seismic Re-Evaluation Strategy
62 240-160692496: Long-Term Operation Programme Management Manual
63 240-161608045: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 1: Plant Design
64 240-161608463: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 5:Deterministic Safety Analysis
65 240-161608557: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 6: Probabilistic Safety Assessment
66 240-161608617: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 7: Hazard Analysis
67 240-161608663: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review, Safety Factor 8 Part 2: Safety Performance (RP)
68 240-161608733: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 9: Use of Experience and Research Findings
69 240-161609011: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 10: Organisation, Management System, and Safety Culture
70 240-161609178: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 12: Human Factors
71 240-161609494: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 14: Radiological Impact on the Environment
72 240-161609577: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review, Safety Factor 13: Emergency Planning
73 240-163373725: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Report, Safety Factor 8 part 1: Safety Performance
74 240-164451698: Services Required for Feasibility Studies and Concept Design for Alternative Chlorine Regime
75 240-164487877: Koeberg SALTO Advance Information Pack (AIP) 2022
76 240-164966115; Ageing Management Programme for Switchboards, Associated Switchgear Components, and Metal Enclosures
77 240-165386950: (Environmental Condition Monitoring Programme (ECMP)
78 240-166828385: Cable Master List
69 240-167217822: Updated Annual Authorised Discharge Quantities for KNPS
80 240-167231099: Assessment of the Spent Fuel Pool for Long Term Operation
81 240-64602879: Nuclear Operating Unit Structure and Mandates
82 240-86502715: Processing Minor Modifications
83 240-88257644: Nuclear Engineering Functional Organisational Structure
84 240-89294359: Nuclear Safety, Seismic, Environmental, Quality, Importance and Management System Level Classification Standard (KSA-010)
85 240-97087308: In-Service Testing Programme Requirements Manual (ISTPRM)
86 32-1034: Eskom Procurement and Supply Chain Management Procedure
87 32-226: Requirement and Rules for Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Source
88 32-227: Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources Policy
89 32-727: Eskom Safety, Health, and Environmental Policy
90 32-83: Eskom Nuclear Management Policy
91 32-T-IPDK-002: Interim Seismic Evaluation for Koeberg NPS
92 32-T-IPDK-008: Koeberg Switchboard, Switchboard Components, and Plant Cabling Evaluation for LTO
93 331-127: Cable Ageing Management Programme at Koeberg
94 331-143: Equivalency Study Process to Change the Plant
95 331-144: Standard for the Preparation of an Equivalency Study
96 331-146: Technological Obsolescence Management Programme
97 331-148: Programme Engineer’s Guide
98 331-155: The Equivalency Guide
99 331-165: Nuclear Specification Standard
100 331-186: Equipment Qualification Programme Standard
Reference Number Description
101 331-187: Equipment Qualification Process and Responsibilities
102 331-195: Koeberg Accident Analysis Manual
103 331-198: Cable Ageing Management Programme Roles and Responsibilities at Koeberg Operating Unit
104 331-211: Design Input Consideration Checklist
105 331-219: Environmental Qualification Maintenance Manual for Equipment Located in Harsh Environments
106 331-23: Processing of Industry Operating Experience in Nuclear Engineering
107 331-275: Process for the Development and Control of Ageing Management at Koeberg Operating Unit
108 331-3: Nuclear Engineering Documentation and Records Management Work Instruction
109 331-33: PSA Updating and Maintenance
110 331-412: Equivalency Check Sheet
111 331-496: Equipment Qualification File Template
112 331-623: Engineering Position on Containment Structures for Long-Term Operation
113 331-602: Assessment of the Ageing Management for Out-of-Scope Scope Structures, Systems, and Components supporting Licencing Binding Programmes
114 331-607: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Final Report
115 331-608: KNPS 3rd Periodic Safety Review Global Assessment and Integrated Implementation Plan Report
116 331-64: Guideline for Safety Issue Categorisation
117 331-645: Elastomeric aseismic bearings – Current position and the way forward
118 331-675: Overview of the ageing management programme for the aseismic bearings
119 331-83: Requirements for Plant Changes Affecting the Design of Koeberg
120 331-85: Design Documentation Change Process
121 331-86: Design Changes to Plant, Plant Structures or Operating Parameters
122 331-87: Design Engineering Guide
123 331-93: Guide for Classification of Plant Components, Structures, Parts, Services and Software
124 36-1518: Nuclear Safety Oversight in Eskom
125 36-197: Koeberg Licensing Basis Manual
126 AU 39424, Nuclear Safety Culture QA Audit Report, 2020
127 Council for Geosciences: Baseline PSHA for the Duynefontyn Site and the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.
128 DB2015-0020: System Design Engineering Acceptance of the Unit 1 ILRT [Outage 121] Structural Integrity Results
129 DB2016-0002: System Design Engineering Acceptance of the Unit 2 ILRT [Outage 221] Structural Integrity Results
130 EERT-12-024-RPT: Earthquake and Tsunami with Induced Events
131 J2021/0001: Safety Justification – Post-SGR Control Room Envelope Justification for Continued Operation
132 JN465-NSE-ESKB-R-5704: Long-Term Repair Strategies for the Containment Buildings – Expert Panel Report
133 K08016VAR: Koeberg Plant Life Extension (PLEX)
134 KAA-501: Project Management Process for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Modifications
135 KAA-503: Modifications to Simulator
136 KAA-584: Radiation Instrument Management
137 KAA-595: Control of Chemistry Instrumentation, Analysers, and Equipment
138 KAA-597: Environmental Surveillance Programme
139 KAA-611: Emergency Mustering, Accountability and Evacuation
140 KAA-632: ALARA Programme
141 KAA-633: Control of Radioactive Sources and X-Ray Equipment
142 KAA-634: Responsibilities for the Radioactive Material Control Programme
143 KAA-637: Access Control to Radiological Controlled Zones
144 KAA-640: Control of Items Leaving Site for Repair or Service (Rev 7)
145 KAA-679: Control of the Measuring and Test Equipment at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (Rev 11)
146 KAA-688: Corrective Action Process
147 KAA-721: Online Work Management Process
148 KAA-811: Integrated Koeberg Nuclear Emergency Plan (IKNEP)
149 KAA-826: Plant Health Committee (PHC) Constitution
150 KAA-829: Development of an Outage Plan
Reference Number Description
151 KAA-850: Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Safety Culture Enhancement Programme
152 KAA-857: Management and Oversight of the Full Scope Operator Training Simulators at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
153 KAA-865: Human Performance Programme
154 KAA-913: Integrated Equipment Reliability Process
155 KAD-025: Processing of Operating Experience
156 KAG-001: Emergency Exercise Management and Assessment
157 KAG-003: Maintenance and Inventory Control of the Emergency Management Facilities and Equipment
158 KAG-006: Koeberg Meteorological Programme
159 KAH-002: Radiation Surveillance Programme
160 KBA0022CHEMJUSTIF2: Justification for the Koeberg NPS Chemistry Operating Specifications
161 KBA0022CHEMSPEC00: Chemistry Specification Manual
162 KBA-0022-N-NEPO-LOPP-068; Plant Engineering Life of Plant Plan 6,6 kV System Maintenance Regime
163 KBA0022OTS0000001: Operating Technical Specifications
164 KBA0022SRSM00000: Safety-Related Surveillance Manual
165 KEP-I-002: Operating Instructions for Emergency Plan Communications Equipment
166 KEP-I-014: Operation, Use and Availability of Emergency Plan Portable Instrumentation and Equipment
167 KFC-AC-008: Instrument Defect Form
168 KFQ-ML-001: Equipment Control Form
169 KFT-072: Simulator Availability
170 KGA-029: Safety Justification Preparation
171 KGA-035: Processing of Experience Feedback Received through the EDF Cooperation Agreement
172 KGH-004, Radiation Protection Management of Operating Experience Feedback
173 KGH-010, Radiation Protection Response to Incidents / Alarms
174 KGT-025: Simulator Maintenance, Access, Operation and Initial Conditions and the Training and Authorisation of Simulator Operators
175 KGT-055: General Radiation Protection Training Guide
176 KGT-056: Radiation Protection Department Training Programme Guide
177 KLA-005: Koeberg Event Classification and Reporting Criteria Listing
178 Koeberg Safety Analysis Report
179 KSA-048: Management of the Solid Radioactive Waste Programme
180 KSA-055, Requirements for the Medical and Psychological Surveillance and Control Programme
181 KSA-122: Human Performance Tools
182 KSA-913: Integrated Equipment Reliability Standard
183 KSC-003: The Chemistry Programme
184 KSH-008: Radiation Protection Records, Data, and Information Management
185 KSH-010: Functional Responsibilities for Radiation Protection at Koeberg Operating Unit
186 KSH-011: Radiation Protection Certificate (RPC) Programme Requirements
187 KSH-012: Radiation Protection Standards and Expectations
188 KSM-LIC-001: Requirements for the Control of Maintenance
189 KWC-AC-002: Maintenance and Service of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Equipment and Instrumentation
190 KWH-AL-004, Radiation Protection Formal ALARA Programme Criteria, Actions and Documentation
191 KWH-B-014: Dosimetry Quality Control Programme
192 KWH-B-015: External Dosimetry Control
193 KWH-B-016: Operation, Calibration and Use of The Koeberg Whole Body Counters and the H-3 in Urine Analysis Programme
194 KWH-B-017: TLD Processing and Dose Record Updating
195 KWH-S-007: Leakage Tests on Sealed Radioactive Sources
196 KWH-S-015: Airborne Contamination Surveys
197 KWH-S-021: Access Control
198 KWH-S-025: Containment Entries at Red Zone or Radiation Protection Locked Zone Conditions Including Emergency Entries into all Controlled Zones
199 KWH-S-033: Processing and Administration of Solid Radwaste
200 KWH-S-037: Classification of Solid Radioactive Materials and the Acceptable On- and Off-Site Packaging Requirements for Such Materials
Reference Number Description
201 KWH-S-041: Radiation Protection Source Control
202 KWH-S-043: Control of Red Radiation Zones and Radiation Protection Locked Zones
203 KWH-S-045: Radiation Protection Requirements for Industrial Radiography on Site
204 KWH-S-046: Radiation Protection Requirements for Use of Soil Moisture and Density Gauge Sources
205 KWH-S-047, Implementation of the Radioactive Material Control Programme
206 KWH-S-048: Signposting and Barricading in Radiological Controlled Zones
207 KWW-TES-003: Encapsulation of Radioactive Water Filters in Concrete Drums
208 KWW-TES-009: Compacting Low-Level Waste into 210 Litre Steel Drums
209 KWW-TES-010: Final Capping of Concrete Drums
210 KWW-TES-011: Encapsulation of Radioactive Concentrates in Concrete Drums
211 KWW-TES-020: Encapsulation of Radioactive Sludge in Concrete Drums
212 KWW-TES-021: Encapsulation of Non-Compactable Radioactive Waste in Concrete Drums
213 KWW-TES-024: Drumming of Non-Compactable Waste in Steel Drums
214 L1124-GN-RPT-018: Time-Limited Ageing Analysis Based on Initial Environmental Qualification
215 NIL-44 Variation 1: Original Steam Generator Interim Storage Facility (OSGISF)
216 NSIP03111: Duynefontyn Site Safety Report (DSSR)
217 NSIP04129: A Revised Methodology to Assess the Ionising Radiation Dose for Members of the Public from Normal Operation at the Duynefontyn Site
218 NSIP04207: Methodology for Documenting the Use of the LLWB
219 NRWDI-LET-1137: Eskom Long-Term Operation of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Project Request for Information
220 PSA22-0010: Impact of 60 Years of KNPS Operation Life with Projected Population to the Year 2046 on NNR Average Public Risk Margin
221 PSA-R-T-15-01: Spent fuel pool PSA
222 PSA-R-T-15-08: Risk Assessment of Additional Metal Casks
223 PSA-R-T-16-22: Impact Evaluation of Outdated Population Data Used in PSA Studies.
224 PSA-R-T-16-23: Reassessment of Current Koeberg Emergency Planning Technical Basis (EPTB) for Long-Term Operation
225 PSA-R-T19-01: Risk Assessment Report
226 RPG-01: Radiation Worker Training Course
227 SE 38545: Review of the Interim Regulatory Guide on Ageing Management and Long-Term Operations of Nuclear Power Plant (RG-0027 Rev 0) Against the Current Plant Ageing Management Processes
228 SGR/1274/16: Assessment of Radioactivity Concentrations in Reactor Coolant System following Steam Generator Replacement and the associated effects thereof