Use electricity efficiently to help keep the lights on this winter

Monday, 11 April 2022:  With the wet weather, temperatures are starting to drop and the load on the network is increasing, Eskom in Gauteng appeals to members of the public to use electricity efficiently to curb supply interruptions due to overloading on its electricity infrastructure, this coming winter. Eskom records trends of high energy demand especially during winter, and particularly during peak periods in the mornings between 05:00 and 09:00 and in the evenings between 17:00 and 21:00.

To avoid unnecessary power failures, disconnections and load reduction, Eskom advises customers in the Gauteng province to refrain from illegally operating Eskom’s network, vandalising the electricity infrastructure, electricity theft through meters bypasses, meter tampering and illegal vending. Not only can these activities result in severe injuries and fatalities, but they overload the electricity network and damage cables, transformers, and mini substations, which ultimately leads to prolonged power outages. “We urge customers to collaborate with us in managing their consumption by switching off non-essential appliances such as heaters and geysers during the evening peak period, and to consider using alternative heating methods. While continuing with work to sustain services, we will also intensify credit management, revenue collection and energy losses reduction efforts to ensure that we stay afloat to meet our financial obligations”, says Daphne Mokwena, Gauteng Cluster Senior Manager, Customer Services.

The power utility will step up its public education efforts to ensure that customers stay up to date about the realities around issues of electricity on the ground throughout the winter period. “We appeal to our customers to co-operate with us by paying for their electricity consumption. Those found with contraventions such as tampering with the electricity infrastructure or buying from illegal vendors will be disconnected, terminated and even removed from the Eskom network”, concluded Mokwena.  


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