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Farmers and agri-business … reducing energy costs as a measure to help improving bottom line earnings

The agricultural sector’s consumption of electricity is some 4% of the national total: 6 000 GWh (gigawatt hours) per year, a big number but not nearly as big as the 148 000 GWh that industrial concerns consume annually.

Eskom appreciates the critical importance of farming and the agricultural sector as a whole to our country’s food security - if people can’t eat, they can’t work, innovate, make and produce the goods and services that keep our economy going.

Eskom understands the agricultural value chain in all its remarkable variety. We think of everybody - the farmer, producer, processor, distributor, marketer and retailer – and the huge scope for lowering electricity use and reducing operating costs across the value chain.

Click here for a wide range of brochures on energy efficient technologies and energy management planning.

The list below is technologies with electricity smart solution: 

HVAC; Farming using alternative energy sources​; Poultry; Cold rooms;​ Dairy parlours;​
Using dual fuel system for efficiency; Generation power; ​Irrigation; ​Micro-hydro;

 Various articles written on energy efficiency in agriculture