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Demand Response


This programme involves a reduction in the consumption of electric energy by customers from their expected consumption in response to an increase in the price of electric energy or to incentive payments designed to induce lower consumption of electric energy as required by System Operator. All DR programmes are constraint driven, these include:

Instantaneous Demand Response Programme

The Instantaneous Demand Response programme assists the System Operator (SO) to manage sudden changes in the balance between supply and demand. For example a trip of a generator unit would result in a sudden frequency decline which could place the power system at risk. Customer participating in this programme must reduce load within seconds, thus assisting the System Operator to arrest  frequency decline. Click here to read more.

Day-Ahead Demand Response Programme

The Day Ahead Demand Response programme allows for the System Operator to dispatch a customer on a day ahead basis. This allows for varying levels of flexibility to the System Operator as well as providing a greater level of certainty of dispatch for the customer. Click here to read more.

Demand Response Standby Generator Programme

The Standby Generator Programme assists the System Operator by providing an additional lever to increase the daily ancillary reserves and to help manage system constraints. Click here to read more.

Supplemental Demand Response Programme

The Supplemental Demand Response Programme assists the System Operator (SO) to increase the daily ancillary reserves and to manage system constraints. The SO can call on participating customers to reduce large chunks of load when required. Customers have relatively short notification times, and the load reduced must be sustained for the contracted number of hours per event. Click here to read more.