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Electricity smart decisions at home ...

With energy shortages in South Africa expected to continue for the foreseeable future, positive actions at home can play a key role to help keeping the lights on.

Like smart scheduling:

  • Switch off your geyser and pool pump plus all the appliances and lights you do not need between 5pm and 9pm.
  • Use your dishwasher, tumble dryer and washing machine before 5pm or after 9pm.
  • These simple actions will make a huge contribution towards reducing demand for electricity in the residential sector between 5pm and 9pm, the period when electricity use almost doubles on weekdays as people return home from work and households, at the same time across South Africa, switch on lights; cook; wash and clean; and relax in front of the television.

    Many other electricity smart decisions at home can help to lower your electricity bill and reduce pressure on the national power grid:

  • Cook quick and easy dishes in summer – use recipes from the 49M cook book for one-pot meals that use one stove plate only and dishes prepared in pressure cookers and Wonderbags, a simple heat retention cooker that uses no electricity.
  • When investing in new household appliances this summer, look for products with an international energy efficiency label
  • Turn down the thermostat on your electric element geyser to 60°C.
  • Electricity smart living is essential.
  • Don’t use hot water for tasks you can accomplish with cold water, such as rinsing dishes and washing vegetables.
  • Only use hot water for cleaning tasks that really need it, like washing your hands.
  • Fix leaking taps; allowing water, especially hot water, to drip wastes both water and electricity.
  • Set your fridge to 3°C; any lower and it will use more electricity than necessary.
  • Make sure the seals of your fridge and freezer doors are intact.
  • Don’t overfill your fridge or freezer; only use 90% of its capacity.
  • Don’t leave computers, televisions, DVD players, tablets and cell phones on standby – if you do, these appliances use up to 15 % of the power they normally use when switched on.
  • Open windows and doors to allow cool breezes to circulate through the house - delay switching on your air-conditioner; if you have to switch it on during the hottest hours of the day keep it at 23˚C.
  • Replace your conventional outdoor lights with motion-sensor lamps for security – they use less electricity because they only activate when the sensor is triggered.
  • Set your swimming pool pump’s running time to 6 hours per day and filter the water twice every 24 hours when you use the pool frequently - if you find this insufficient, increase filtering in 30-minute increments until the water stays clear.
  • Importantly:

  • Always act upon the real-time, live Power Alert messages you see on SABC, eTV and DStv – switch off
  • Electricity smart decisions at home will contribute to lowering your electricity bill while reducing demand pressure on the national power grid – importantly, it will help to keeping the lights on

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