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Save between 5 & 9

Homes consume 17% of the electricity in SA

In winter, however, demand for electricity in the residential sector nearly doubles between 5pm and 9pm on weekdays – in summer, demand increases to peak at 27% during the same 4-hour period

What is the cause of this drastic increase?

South Africans arrive home from work around 5pm Monday to Friday and most of us follow the same evening routine of switching on lights and appliances to stay warm, cook, clean and entertain ourselves

It is this behavioural phenomenon that causes demand for energy in the residential sector to more than double by increasing from 17% to 27%

What can you do to help keeping the lights on winter through summer?. Adopt four energy smart habits

  • Switch off your electrical geyser element between 5pm and 9pm, to see how Michael Mol, Jo-Anne Strauss and Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu do it.



 Michael Mol




 Jo-Anne Strauss





 Noleen Maholwana Sangqu




  • Avoid switching on any type of space heater or air-conditioning system between 5pm and 9pm
  • Swimming pool pumps: How to save energy and money winter through summer
  • Pool timers: Setting it correctly saves energy and money
  • Replace energy intensive lights and appliances with energy efficient alternatives
  • Switch off lights in all unoccupied rooms at all times but especially between 5pm and 9pm

  • Interestingly, with nearly 5,4 million electric element geysers consuming electricity in South Africa, if all are switched off simultaneously the energy saved could power the cities of Durban, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein combined