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Build Programme in South Africa (Background) 

Since 2005, Eskom has been expanding its generation and transmission capacity to meet the country’s growing demand for energy. Eskom’s nominal generating capacity in 2005 was 36 208MW. The programme will increase this by 17 384GW by 2019/20. The key generation expansion projects are the 4 764MW Medupi and 4 800MW Kusile coal-fired stations, and the Ingula pumped-storage scheme in the Drakensberg, which will deliver 1 332MW of hydro-electricity during peak demand periods. Transmission line length and substation capacity will also increase substantially.
The capacity expansion programme has cost R213.2 billion (excluding capitalised borrowing costs) to date.
Between 2005 and 31 March 2014, the programme has increased Eskom’s generating capacity by 6 137MW, its transmission lines by 5 497km and its transmission substation capacity by 27 565MVA.