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Cape grid
Greater East London Strengthening
Preparation of excavation for rebar placement at tower location 221

Neptune Substation. The substation connects the 400kV line to Vuyani Substation. It will improve the network reliability, solve Distribution voltage regulation problems and inevitably solve capacity related problems in the former Transkei area.

  • All primary equipment has been installed and handed over to the Grid

  • Stringing and cabling is complete

  • 400kV busbar installation and HVT equipment installation completed

  • 400kV Actom isolator installation complete

  • 400kV ABB breaker installation complete

  • Cabling by Gebane Electrical Services complete

  • Stringing by Gebane Electrical Services complete

  • All civil works is complete


Neptune-Vuyani 400kV line

The Vuyani-Neptune line which runs from Mthatha to East London forms part of the Greater East London Strengthening Scheme. It is one half of the Eros-Neptune 400kV Transmission Network that runs from KwaZulu-Natal to the Eastern Cape that will provide a ring feed when operating with the existing power network. This project is not only aimed at bolstering the capacity of the transmission network in the Eastern Cape, but will also benefit the surrounding rural areas.


  • 450/451 tower foundations have been cast.

  • 430 towers have been erected – 95.3% of total towers.

  • 147.205 km of phase and earth wire conductors have been regulated – 80% of total line length.

Regulating of the conductor on the Vuyani-Neptune 400kV line
Tabor Witkop Spencer Network Strengthening
The Tabor-Witkop 400 kV line forms part of the Tabor Witkop Spencer Network Strengthening Scheme will benefit the area though electrification and planned industrial expansions.
  • Tower erection and stringing of the conductor, earth wire and OPGW are in progress.
  • 219 foundations complete
  • 219 towers fully erected to date.
  • 219 towers fully assembled to date.
  • 96.6 km of conductor strung and regulated to date.
  • Installation of bird diverters and aerial warning spheres is complete.
  • Final quality inspections are ongoing
  • Defect rectification and rehabilitation by the contractor is ongoing (60%).


Traction transformer 1 at Lewensaar Station

Port Elizabeth strengthening phase
Grassridge MTS consists of 2x 500 MVA 400/132kV transformers and had a peak loading of 755MW and 715MW in 2008 and 2009 respectively, with Chetty substation contributing to the 2009 peak with a load of 563MW.  The remaining 152MW was fed from the Grassridge 132kV busbar to the Eskom Distribution load. Installing an additional 132kV line between Grassridge MTS and Dedisa MTS will transfer the spare capacity from Dedisa to Grassridge and will defer the installation of the 3rd transformer at Grassridge MTS.  Construction has not started as yet. Materials are being ordered
Sishen-Saldanha rail upgrade
  • All work is 100% complete
Kimberly strengthening project
The runs from Mercury Substation near Orkney in the North West via a new substation called Mookodi, then to Ferrum Substation in the Kathu area in the Northern Cape. The total length of the line is 428km. The growing and future expected loads in the Sishen area are such that it has become necessary to construct a 400kV line from Mercury to Ferrum to strengthen 132kV and 66kV systems in the area. The proposed Mercury -Ferrum line will be close to 428km thus requiring a line reactor at Ferrum with another reactor at Mookodi for the Mercury-Mookodi 400kV line.
Mookodi Substation
  • Civil works: All work is 100% complete with defects correction in progress
  • Electrical all works is 90% complete, currently busy with pre commissioning 
400kV Mercury – Mookodi line section A
  • Construction is complete, but currently busy with minor works 
400kV Mercury – Mookodi line section B
  • Construction is 73% complete
400kV Ferrum – Mookodi line
  • Construction is 100% complete, but currently busy with minor works
Ferrum Substation
All work is 100% complete. Waiting for the completion of the 400kV line construction.


Mercury-Mookodi Line: Tower excavations on Section B