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Wheeling of energy


Generators have, according to the Transmission Grid Code and the Distribution Network Code, the same non-discriminatory rights of access to the network as a load.

Non-Eskom generators and Eskom generators are treated equally regarding access, however generators have to be licensed to generate and trade before access can be provided.

Generators and loads are both customers of the network provider.

Loads pay published and approved charges for the use of the network and may be explicit unbundled charges or not. There is currently no regulated framework for use-of-system charges for embedded generators (generators connected to the Distribution network), however NERSA is in the process of developing a framework for generators.

Some of these embedded generators may sell to the Single Buyer through approved power purchase agreements, whilst others may wish to wheel energy to third parties. Generators that wish to wheel energy face a number of challenges related to the use-of-system charges. See also the presentation that sets out the background on wheeling within the boundaries of South Africa.

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Schedule of Standard Prices

A national framework for the use of system charges applicable to generators is in the process of being developed by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). Currently Eskom charges service and administration charges for generators.

Click here for the schedule of standard prices, which will be amended once the national framework is approved by NERSA.

Click here for the Eskom tariff book.

Future opportunities for IPPs & generators will be determined mainly by the framework of the IRP and Government's determination of the capacity availability to IPPs & generators.

Selling energy to Eskom

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